Sermons by Ken Harrell (Page 3)

The Power of God

When it comes to power, “all” is the word to describe our God. He is all-powerful. We want power, and we strive for power, but we’ll never come close to having—or even fully comprehending “The Power of God.” His power wasn’t attained, it isn’t just a part of Him, and He doesn’t turn it on and off… God’s power is Who He is… 100% of the time.

The Love of God

ove of God.” And though we use it to describe human emotion, it pales in comparison to the reality of our God. He doesn’t just feel love or say, love… He is love. He doesn’t grow to love or quit loving… He is love. His love knows no limits, and it’s never conditional. And the second we are tempted to question “The Love of God,” He reminds us we need only to look to the Cross.

The Mercy of God

But “The Mercy of God” is anything but simple. It’s vast… incomprehensible… and God wants us to understand it so we can begin to change the way we see Him and interact with others.

The Holiness of God

God is love… God is merciful… God is just and so much more. But in the Bible, there is only one attribute of God that He wanted to be emphasized above the rest. Because it’s His holiness that is at the very center of who He is. It’s out of His holiness that everything else flows. And it’s only when we begin to grasp “The Holiness of God”, that we can see ourselves as we really are.
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A Matter of Obedience

Baptism has nothing to do with receiving salvation. But don’t miss this… for the believer, it’s what God expects of each of us.