Sermons on Isaiah

Anthony Fusco preaching

Exchange Your Strength

Key Scripture Isaiah 40:31 Brief Overview of Isaiah The prophet Isaiah spoke to the kingdom of Judah for at least forty years. He began “in the year that King Uzziah died” (around 740 B.C.) and continued until the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem in 701 B.C. Isaiah confronted the Israelites on their empty religious rituals, oppression of the poor, and dependence on foreign alliances, all of which were ruining them. The book can be divided into three significant sections. Chapters 1–39…

The Holiness of God

God is love… God is merciful… God is just and so much more. But in the Bible, there is only one attribute of God that He wanted to be emphasized above the rest. Because it’s His holiness that is at the very center of who He is. It’s out of His holiness that everything else flows. And it’s only when we begin to grasp “The Holiness of God”, that we can see ourselves as we really are.