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Ocean Commotion VBS 2015

At Ocean Commotion VBS 2015, we headed out to sea! Our divers explored Genesis 6–9 and learned important life lessons from Noah. It was a boatload of fun!
Crowd at Camp Kilimanjaro VBS 2014

Camp Kilimanjaro VBS 2014

At Camp Kilimanjaro VBS 2014, we truly had a mountaintop experience! The Lord stirred our hearts as we were reminded to have ears that hear and do God’s Word, hearts that trust in the Lord, tongues that speak in a God-honoring way, hands that get to work, and feet that walk with wise companions.
Crowd from International Spy Academy VBS in 2013

International Spy Academy VBS 2013

At International Spy Academy VBS 2013, our secret mission was to train special agents the world over to detect counterfeit religions and to know, love, and live for God Almighty!
Crowd at The Kingdom Chronicles VBS 2012

The Kingdom Chronicles VBS 2012

At The Kingdom Chronicles VBS 2012, 1,066 kids charged into a world brimming with kings and kingdoms, majestic castles, fire-breathing dragons, and epic battles. Our Royal Majesty’s kingdom was under attack, and we learned to prepare for battle!
Outside games at Gold Rush VBS

Gold Rush VBS 2010

At Gold Rush VBS 2010, our kids from Hilliard, Ohio traveled to the Old West at the height of the gold rush! We discovered why the greatest treasure ever found wasn’t gold, but rather the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ.