International Spy Academy VBS 2013

International Spy Academy VBS 2013

Agents For The One True God

Break out your decoder rings because it’s time for our International Spy Academy Debriefing Session! We’ve got some classified information concerning our 1,100 agents-in-training who graduated from the academy this summer!

The mission of the ISA was to train special agents the world over to detect counterfeit religions and to know, love, and live for God Almighty.

Based on top-secret details from our informants we have discovered that these special agents learned to:

  • Uncover counterfeit gods and recognize the only
    true God—the God of the Bible
  • Find that God is unique—one God in three persons
  • Crack codes to discover attributes of God
  • Collect clues to reveal how to become a child of God
  • Discover that God is not distant but personal, wanting to be their first love

The various components of their training included time at the ISA Headquarters where God’s Word was taught in hands-on ways. We also tested their strategy and teamwork strengths in our Agent-In-Action Games—reports indicated high levels of fun and laughter were present. And by bugging the Top Secret Snack and Classified Craft areas, we witnessed our agents-in-training engaged in top level treat consumption and hands-on craft creation! The final component of their training took place at each agent’s home base where they gathered a total of almost $3,000 for our missions project through individual “secret acts of service.”

Many thanks to our volunteer training staff for the prayers, energy, and passion poured into this incredible week. Because of your faithful service, many seeds were planted in God’s Kingdom and 29 of our special agents were counseled to salvation. We’ve sent all our agents back out into their schools, neighborhoods, and teams to continue spreading the love and message of Jesus Christ throughout our community. We ask for your continued partnership as we pray and encourage these young Kingdom builders!

…After viewing our high-level surveillance footage below, please note that this message will self-destruct.