Operation Space VBS 2008

Operation Space VBS 2008

A Close Encounter with God’s Word.

This year’s VBS, held June 9–13, was a galactic adventure that was out of this world! Each day was packed full of energy as kids sang loudly, learned motions to the songs, played games, created cosmic crafts and explored the Bible! Over 1,100 kids enjoyed this amazing week of Operation Space: A Close Encounter with God’s Word.

Partnering with Answers in Genesis gave an even deeper understanding to the creation of the cosmos and how God’s intricate design causes the world and its’ many galaxies to work in perfect harmony. Not only did the kids get the opportunity to learn about the universe, but were also taken on a trip to outer space with the drama presented each day.

The journey into the outer limits began with three cadets going to space training. Captain Scott led the crew and Cadet Sidney Scott, Cadet Trey Wilson and Cadet Jessie Clark (along with her goofy robot Turbo) took off on their adventure into the galaxy! Things began to go awry when they got off course and, instead of landing at Space Station 7, became lost in uncharted territory. The trouble continued when they their paths collided with the villain, Virus. Building a “Bible Blaster”, Virus’ plan was to destroy all of the Bible’s on earth! However the Captain, Cadets, and even Turbo, foil his vicious plans, help save the day, and in the process; the Cadets learn more about God’s Word and how important it truly is to their lives!

VBS at Northwest Bible is committed to presenting the truths of God’s Word in an exciting, fun and tangible way. And amidst the contests, prizes and games—the kids are able to walk away with a better understanding of how God reveals Himself through His World and His Word.

We would like to thank the countless volunteers that helped to make VBS possible. From set construction, decorating, and snack preparation to games, registration, teachers, and everything in between—hundreds of volunteers stepped in, and gave their time and energy! The heartbeat of Northwest Bible is service, and that was clearly seen through the ministry of this year’s VBS!