Nothing Else | Devotion One

Nothing Else | Devotion One


That first man and woman needed nothing… every possible need was met by their perfect Creator. There, in the Garden of Eden, it was God and mankind existing in complete unity.

But while Adam & Eve needed nothing, there was a discontent to be loved and cared for by God that was manifest with a desire to have what is forbidden. And so at that one forbidden tree, there in that perfect garden, Adam & Eve chose to see God’s protective boundary as a negative rather than the goodness it was.

But with that first taste, they instantly realized that asserting their independence from God wouldn’t bring the freedom they wanted. Rather, their choice to eat the fruit resulted in the very thing that would now enslave them. Sin had entered the world.

What once was perfect was now scarred. Sickness, pain, death… the physical world would never be the place it was created to be. But more sobering than that was the spiritual fallout. Where once man had existed in perfect unity with God, now there was separation between a holy God and sinful humanity.

A chasm now existed between mankind and God. But with unfathomable love, God offered up the first sacrifice there in that now imperfect garden. And with every blood sacrifice that would follow, the sins of men and women appeased the judgment of God.

With each animal sacrifice, the blood that was shed was pointing to the day when nothing else would ever be needed because, finally, the ultimate sacrifice for our sins had been paid by Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God.

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