Introducing “Nothing Else” Christmas Devotions

Introducing “Nothing Else” Christmas Devotions


In this time surrounding Christmas, there is so much that demands our attention. Family, friends, food, travel, budget… church. But even if we get the church part right, it is really hard to focus on the center, the true heart of God behind the Bible passages we all know and love.

This year, as we prepare our hearts to gather in worship on Christmas Eve, we want to focus our full attention on Jesus. Not only Jesus born in Bethlehem, but Jesus on the cross, Jesus resurrected and victorious and the life of sanctification we are now able to live through the Spirit of God.

That’s why the theme of this year’s Christmas service is “Nothing Else”. Nothing else than the perfect sacrifice. Nothing else than a true Savior. Nothing else than a life of sanctification, conforming to the image of Christ.

As we move through these Christmas devotions over the next few weeks, let us ready our hearts and come together on Christmas Eve to worship this Jesus, this Savior.

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