The Great Jungle Journey VBS 2023

The Great Jungle Journey VBS 2023

On our epic cruise from Genesis to Revelation, June 19–23, 2023, we explored a world of wonder that delighted our senses while captivating our hearts and minds!

We’re praising God for well over 40 who indicated they wanted to become Christians during VBS and for volunteers who passionately poured themselves into the children. We watched as God did what only He could do!

He answered our prayers!

  • We prayed for good weather.
    • The predicted forecast looked unfavorable leading up to VBS and even quite a bit during the week itself, but we were able to have games outside nine out of ten sessions. There were two times the weather map showed it raining—even storming—around the church area, and it was, but not here at the church.
  • We prayed for safety.
    • This is always a biggie, and God kept everyone safe. It was a smooth week!
  • We prayed that children would be reached with the gospel.
    • This, of course, is at the heart of VBS. Only the Lord knows exactly how many became believers, but well over 40 indicated they wanted to become Christians. We had so many amazing conversations, and kids were radiating the joy of the Lord as they told us they had accepted Christ.
  • We prayed that the kids would be touched by the mission project.
    • We collected medications for our team to take to Malawi, and money for Mission Aviation Fellowship, an agency that takes the gospel and supplies to remote jungles and other hard-to-reach places. The kids broke our all-time record and collected over $9,000!

We learned about The Seven C’s of History

We cruised through jungle rivers, making stops at seven ports of call along the way, each starting with a C. These represent seven key biblical events in time—seven C’s of history.

  • Day 1: Creation — Our first C takes us back to the beginning of time and the creation of the universe when it was all good. Did the universe start with a big bang, or did God create it?
  • Day 2: Corruption and Catastrophe— Next, we see sin entering the world and affecting everyone, getting to such a point that God sends a global flood.
  • Day 3: Confusion — The fourth C checks out the world-altering events that began at the tower of Babel. Can this be where all the people groups originated from?
  • Day 4: Christ and the Cross— At these stops, we realize once again that man is sinful and needs a Savior. Hallelujah, God provides one in his Son!
  • Day 5: Consummation — The last C shows the thrilling conclusion to history when all goes back to very good again, and—best news ever—God wins against sin and Satan.