Mystery Island VBS 2019

Mystery Island VBS 2019

Tracking Down the One True God

On Mystery Island we experienced thrills from the top of our sun-drenched heads to the tip of our sandy toes as we explored an intriguing and mysterious tropical paradise while tracking down the one true God.

Daily Stops

  • Day 1 God is Great! – We stopped in Acts 17 and found a city full of idols, hunted for clues about our great God, and discovered we must have the right view of him. We can’t make up a god of our own choosing.
  • Day 2 God is Almighty! – Our mighty God knows everything, is everywhere and has the power to do anything. As we studied the account of Jonah, we oooohhhed and aaahhhed as we focused on the three big Os of God… his omniscience, his omnipotence, and his omnipresence.
  • Day 3 God is Ruler! – We checked in with Isaiah and realized God is not like us. Our minds were blown away by his vastness, beauty, and holiness.
  • Day 4 God is Emmanuel! – God is high and mighty, Lord of all creation. And yet, he also came to earth (Emmanuel means “God with us”) and desires a relationship with the people he has made. He is good and he loves us.
  • Day 5 God is Trustworthy! – With the account of David, we learned that God is great, God is good, and God is perfect in all things, so we can trust him with our lives. He is our Rock.

From the minute our islanders arrived at Mystery Island, they found fun waiting to happen. The day began at the Islander Assembly, a supercharged opening complete with entertaining welcomes, rockin’ songs, a mission moment, and prayer.

After finishing the day’s rotations, everyone headed back to the Islander Assembly for the closing that included more singing, a Creature Feature, contest results, and the greatly anticipated daily drama, which was a highlight of the kids’ day.

We had so much fun in the sun at Mystery Island!