Malawi Team 2023 Highlights

Malawi Team 2023 Highlights

On the trip to Malawi, the team used the unique talents and gifts God blessed them with in many ways. Day one started with a tour of the Passion Center, where the team got to see and love on so many excited children while learning how the orphanage operates. The team then attended two of the Passion Center house dedications, witnessing such deserving families receive the blessing of a safe and sturdy home. The team had the opportunity to pray over the families and thank the Lord for safe housing after extreme trials and the devastating cyclone.

The next day was the widow visit. Members of the team were able to share and minister to the widows and had the opportunity to pray over and connect with the widows individually. The team of widows had a beautiful time of worship under the church’s metal roof during a loud rainstorm. The storm could have ruined the chance to minister, but instead, the Lord turned it into praise and dancing.

The team led a VBS at Grace Church the following day, where many children (and adults) got to hear the gospel and experience the love of Jesus while learning about putting on the armor of God.

The team also practiced dividing and conquering! Our medical professionals went to the Community Health Network and were able to educate the village CHN volunteers on some serious health concerns facing Malawians. Following that, they headed into a few villages to do house calls for ill and wounded members of the community. Meanwhile, the rest of the team ran a VBS for preschoolers and worked hard to complete a project to fix the sound booth at the Mulugunzi Community Church.

For Church on Sunday, half of the team attended Mulunguzi Community Church, and the other half traveled to Chinduzi Community Church. The team had the chance to worship and soak in the Word of God alongside our brothers and sisters in Malawi, and it was such an encouraging and beautiful time.

The next few days, the team headed out to several villages, and while the community health team checked on some sick babies in the infant rescue program and found ways to help the special needs kids (Champs), the rest of the team held VBS for all the other children who would gather around the area to check out what the team was doing.

The following days, the team worked hard running vision clinics and providing glasses and blood pressure checks to almost 400 people in two villages! Watching faces light up as they were able to finally see clearly was something special. So many people were able to get glasses that enabled them to read their Bibles, many of whom were pastors! The gospel was shared with every person who came through the doors, and they all had the opportunity to pray with a member of the team or passion center staff as well.

The last two days of the trip were spent at Namikango farm, where Chris and Joni Weaver run a commercial farm where they provide jobs and teach Malawians about farming techniques. Seeing how the Lord has used the willingness of the Weavers to accept his call to the mission field was so inspiring. The farm is beautiful and flourishing, and those who work there are kind and grateful for the opportunity. The team divided at the farm, and some got to plant banana trees while the others helped build a compost pile!

The final day was the safari, where the team slowed down, took in God’s beautiful creation, and saw some amazing creatures!

God is good, and even though the travel home was long, the Lord delivered us safely! The team was grateful for the opportunities and the support of our families and Northwest to have the opportunity for this life-changing experience in Malawi.