Malawi 2023 Team Update

Malawi 2023 Team Update

We made a safe arrival and hit the ground running!

On day one, we were lovingly welcomed by the staff and embraced by hundreds of kids—at The Passion Center for Children—who were so excited by our arrival! We were swarmed with high-fives and hugs. The smiles were indescribable.

House Dedications

We witnessed two house dedications, one for a single mother whose home was destroyed in the cyclone and another for a Child-Headed Household of five.

Visiting Widows & VBS in Jali

Yesterday, we had a chance to visit the widows, and the team shared their experiences, but BOY WAS GOD WORKING!!! The encouragement, fellowship, worship, and true love for the Lord were radiating through the church. We followed that up with our first VBS at Grace Church in Jali. Hundreds of children had the opportunity to be loved and hear the gospel!

Here’s an adorable video of children at the Early Childhood Development Center singing!