Wonder Junction VBS 2024

Wonder Junction VBS 2024

We galloped through the wide-open West from June 17–21, 2024, where our friends at Wonder Junction taught us about the grandest wonder of all… Jesus Christ.

What a wonder-filled week it was at Wonder Junction! Thanks to all our amazing volunteers. You make it happen! And thanks to everyone who came!

Praises from VBS

  • More than 50 children trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!
  • The children raised $8,256.65 for the Children’s Hunger Fund to share the gospel and provide a meal for 33,026 children around the world!

Lessons from the trail

Each day, we dug deeper into who this awe-inspiring Jesus is, answering questions such as:

  • Day 1: The Wonder of His Birth… The baby King’s birth was a wonder. What amazing happenings surrounded it?
  • Day 2: The Wonder of His Childhood… The young King’s childhood was a wonder. What was he like as a child and teen?
  • Day 3: The Wonder of His Ministry Years… The adult King’s ministry years were a wonder. What astonishing things occurred?
  • Day 4: The Wonder of His Death & Resurrection… The risen King’s death and resurrection were a wonder. How were they like no other?
  • Day 5: The Wonder of His Return… The return of the King of kings will be a wonder. What should we be doing in the meantime?