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Allan Dato

Campus Operations

After retiring from his job as a Mechanical Engineer with the US Postal service, Allan came on staff to work with our Campus Operations Team. Around here, he’s pretty much the go-to guy when something needs to be fixed.

On Sundays, Allan serves at church with his son, Jamie, daughter-in-law Brooke, and their two boys, Boston and Bracken. And on the weekends he’s not in town, he’ll be visiting his daughter, Cathy, son-in-law Chris, and their children, Corban and Ellie in Chicago.


  • Watching sports… in-person baseball and soccer games for his youngest grandson, Brack; and on TV any time he can catch his native New York teams (Yankees, Giants, Knicks & Rangers)
  • Fixing things… being in semi-retirement means he is the first call for family and friends at church who need something around the house fixed or installed