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Young Adults

Around Hilliard | Meets in large and small groups Open Group

Group Details

Age: 18–30’s

Gender: Any

Marital Status: Single & Young Marrieds

We all need people.

In the good times… and the bad… and even just the normal day-to-day stuff, life is just better when we have people.

It’s why this group is here… because building relationships is important.

This is where we do life together. We share, eat, grow, pray, laugh, serve, encourage, connect and support each other… all to make a big church feel smaller.

Most of us are around 18–30ish. We’re a mix of students and young professionals. Some of us still live at home and some have our own place. We come from different backgrounds and have different life stories, but the main thing we have in common is our love for Jesus and a desire to see our generation come to do the same!

We gather as a large group periodically and meet weekly in smaller Life Groups to discuss God’s Word and connect in community.

So if this is where you are now in life… come… we’ve got people who can’t wait to meet you!


We gather as small groups, as a large group, and to serve our city!

  1. Small Groups – We’ve got small groups that meet weekly, in homes, led by members of our church family. Our mission is to see these groups grow, flourish, and replicate as we grow closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. Large Group – This time is designed for fellowship as the small groups all come together… we’ll worship together, eat together, and just spend time being together as a whole. What we do and where we meet will switch up each time, so you can keep up with our Instagram, @nwbible_youngadults, for announcements about upcoming events!
  3. Serve – We’ll have service projects where we can focus on meeting the needs of those within the Northwest family as well as our community of Hilliard and the Greater Columbus area. We are looking forward to the way God is going to work in us and through us to grow His kingdom as we impact those around us!

Let’s stay connected!


Interested in a Young Adults Life Group?