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At NW | First Thursday of the month during the school year Open Group

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Gender: Women

At Moms2Moms we gather in small groups of six to twelve women. Our desire is to bless you with the same love, devotion, and opportunities you give your kids every day.

After all, you can’t continually pour your heart and life into the blessings God has given you if you’re constantly running on empty. So, take a night off—let Dad or a special sitter spend some time putting dinner on the table, tucking little ones into bed (again) and cleaning up from the day’s adventures.

When you leave one of our monthly gatherings, you’ll be equipped with fresh ideas, pointed toward God, encouraged by our speakers and mentors and energized by the friends you’ll find across the table.

2019/2020 Season: “Filled with the Promises of God”

This year, we hope you will be able to join us at Moms2Moms, beginning Thursday, September 5, from 7–9:15pm. Each month we will focus on a promise that God has given through the Scriptures and explore how we can trust that promise as we live out our daily lives.

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