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Sermon Audio: The Great Disappearance


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Sunday, November 07, 2021

The Great Disappearance

Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

One day, God will fulfill another promise He made. At a time no one knows, there’s going to be a shout that breaks through the sky, and in that split second, every single man, woman, and child who knows Jesus as their Savior is going to be caught up and meet Jesus in the air. This is amazing news for those who know the Savior but think about the rest of the world who doesn’t know Him. When every Christian disappears in that split second, God is going to remove all restraint on evil, and unimaginable chaos and evil is going to erupt on earth. May the upcoming events drive us to reach people and see them come to know Him.

Fill-in Notes

Key Scripture

1 Thessalonians 4:16, Revelation 6:1–8

Take Away / Application

The rapture is a literal event where God “snatches or caries away” all believers from the earth in order to make way for His righteous judgment to be poured out on the earth during the tribulation period.

Discussion Questions

Don’t be afraid to add to this list, skip questions that don’t work for your group or branch off with additional questions as discussion unfolds. Conversation is key! This is the time to work through the application of scripture and have group members figure things out together.

  1. The word “rapture” does not occur in the Bible. However, the term comes from a Latin word meaning “a carrying off, a transport, or a snatching away.” Read John 14:1–3, 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17, 1 Corinthians 15:51–53. Discuss.
  2. What has been your understanding of the rapture before today’s message? Has anything changed after hearing this message? Share.
  3. As we learned about the rapture and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, what impacted you the most?
  4. In learning about “end times,” it can give us hope. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.
  5. How can learning about the rapture and the events of “end times” lead us to reach people for Jesus?
  6. Many people spend more time focusing on who the Antichrist will be instead of focusing on Jesus and their relationship with Him. What is one thing you can do to deepen your relationship with Jesus this week?


  • Ask group members to share where they’re reading in the Bible and how that time is going.
  • Ask group members how their prayer time is going. Take time to pray for one another.



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