Don’t Worry, Part 3

Don’t Worry, Part 3

As humans, we worry. We worry about so many things… money… life… the future. Before we know it, we’re consumed.

The truth is, we’re always going to struggle with worry as long as our focus is on the wrong thing. At the end of Matthew 6, Jesus gives us the solution by saying to us “Look up. Eyes on Me.”

Because when we’ve got our focus on God, we see there is no reason to worry. God is the One doing the providing!

Discussion Questions

Don’t be afraid to add to this list, skip questions that don’t work for your group, or branch off with additional questions as discussion unfolds. Conversation is key! This is the time to work through the application of scripture and have group members figure things out together.

  1. Have you ever found yourself “running” from God? Has a challenging life circumstance caused such hurt, confusion, fear, bitterness, or doubt that you felt you couldn’t trust God anymore? What do we do when we feel abandoned and let down by what we feel is the absence of God working in our lives?
  2. Elijah asked God the same question repeatedly because he desired a different answer. Have you ever found yourself in this position? Read 1 John 5:14–15. How do we ensure that our prayer requests align with God’s will?
  3. When circumstances change, we forget what God has already done, and we forget His irrefutable goodness. What are practical actions that you can take today to consistently remind yourself of God’s unending faithfulness and impeccable character, even in your darkest of times?
  4. How do we balance our belief that God can perform miraculous acts in our lives or those we love with the knowledge that He may choose not to? Have you ever found yourself wanting to “guard your heart” while at the same time hoping and praying for a “miracle?”
  5. So much of our worry spurs from getting consumed by the things of this world. Read Colossians 3:1–4. What does it look like to set our mind on things above? And how does that relate to the things that cause us to worry in this life? Can we still focus on those earthly circumstances while simultaneously setting our minds on things above, or do you think those two perspectives are mutually exclusive?
  6. Pastor Anthony discussed the importance of worshipping God for who He is rather than what He chooses to do or not do in our lives. Search Scripture for verses that describe who God is and share with your life group. How can knowing and reminding ourselves of this help us in times when we’re tempted to worry?


  • Where are you reading in the Bible this week? What has God been revealing to you through your quiet time with Him?
  • Discuss any struggles you may be going through with your group.
  • How can you pray for your group this week? How can they be praying for you?

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