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8 Part Series

Series Description

We like a sure thing… we want to know how everything will work out before we even get started.

But then we’re met with a roadblock… a job loss… a lousy health report… a relationship ends. We’re scrambling to figure things out, and before we realize it, we’re pretty much useless… unable to move forward, completely stuck in this place of uncertainty.

Here’s the thing… it is 100% certain that you will face uncertainty. When you’re going through the Unknown, you need to pay attention to your focus. You can focus on yourself and remain stuck, or you can focus on your Heavenly Father, who tells you—even when we can’t see our way out—He’s in the middle of it with you… walking with you every step!


Anthony Fusco

Senior Associate Pastor

Austin Watts

Student Pastor

Matt Hamer

Children’s Pastor

Scripture Reference

Hebrews, 1 Peter, 1 Samuel, Romans, Philippians,


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