Sandie Koons

Staff portrait of Sandie Koons

Sandie and her husband, Kurt, have been attending Northwest since 2005, and she became a member in 2017. Sandie would say that while growing up in church, her real growth in the Lord and personal development didn’t happen until they found Northwest.

Sound Bible teaching has helped their love and commitment to the Lord expand and make Northwest feel like home! The friendships and fellowship that they’ve experienced at church have been a true blessing in their lives.

Sandie and Kurt have two grown children, son Aaron, and daughter Erica (John), who have given them three beautiful grandchildren. They feel blessed to get to hang out with the grandbabies on a regular basis and to support Sandie’s aging parents.

Sandie and Kurt are part of a Small Group here at Northwest. Sandie also serves in the Guest Services team, helps to prepare meals for special events, volunteers during VBS, and she loves serving during Membership classes and getting together with other ladies in the church to make encouraging cards for others.


  • Biking
  • Long walks
  • Reading
  • Making encouraging greeting cards
  • Planning a trip to the Amalfi coast of Italy… even if it’s only dreaming
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