Brooke Dato

Staff portrait of Brooke Dato

Words, words, and more words… both reading and writing have always been at the top of Brooke’s most favorite things list. She absolutely loves being able to work with words as a member of the team here at Northwest.

Brooke came to Northwest as a teenager, and after graduating college, she came on staff for a summer… and never left. Her role has changed over the years, but now as Communications Director, she’s thrilled to be using her love for Jesus, His Word, and words in general together for her church family.


  • Spending time with my three guys… Jamie, Boston & Bracken
  • Family trips… especially to the Smoky Mountains & Boston
  • Speaking into and being spoken into by the girls in the Dato Young Adult small group… love those girls!
  • Christmas!!! October 1 begins the house decorating craziness!!
  • Michigan Football (Go Blue!), sappy Hallmark movies, and true crime podcasts… one episode listening to Dateline, and I was hooked.
Brooke with her husband Jamie and two boys, Boston and Bracken
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