Train Up Parenting Conference

The stats are in and the results are clear—no one has more spiritual influence in the life of a child than a parent. But raising kids is a big job, and we can all use a little help along the way. With that in mind we hosted a conference designed for you—as a parent—to be challenged, encouraged, and better equipped to disciple your children. Whether you’re a new parent, a single parent, a prospective parent, a veteran parent, or a grandparent, you’ll find there’s something new and exciting to learn for everyone at this fun but high-impact conference.

  • Technology – Let’s talk about wise parenting strategies for a technology driven world where dangers abound.
  • Discipline – So much of day-to-day family life revolves around discipline. Come ready to be refreshed as we get to the root of discipline.
  • Understanding Your Child – How well do you understand your child? Hear how to engage in meaningful and important ways with your kids.
  • Biblical Basics – With so much conflicting parenting advice out there, you’ll find out some important biblical principles to guide your parenting.

We were thrilled to welcome Dr. Jeremy Pierre, a highly sought after speaker, pastor and Dean of Students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, to share important parenting info in his warm and caring way.

Session 1 – “The Perfect Love of God for Imperfect Parents”

Dinner Q&A

Session 2 – “The Heart of God in Discipline”

Session 3 – “Understanding and Engaging Your Child”