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Brooke Dato


Brooke has been at Northwest since she was a teenager… (she was part of the package deal that came with Pastor Harrell), and absolutely loves being part of the team.

On the days she’s in the office, Brooke enjoys putting her love for writing to use. (The novel she was planning to write as a teenager has been put on hold indefinitely.) She also works to facilitate our Women’s Bible Study Groups. Encouraging women to go deeper with Jesus and spend time alone with Him is a great gift for her. She knows firsthand what digging into the Word of God can do for a girl!


  • Keeping up with my 3 guys… Jamie, Boston & Bracken
  • Travel… especially to historical sites (Just ask Jamie about all those historic graveyards I drug him to in Boston)
  • I’ve always loved reading & writing, but definitely NOT arithmetic
  • Beginning October 1 it’s anything Christmas… I’d make it earlier, but Jamie and I compromised with October 1. He’s adapted to my craziness
  • Michigan Football and sappy Hallmark movies… that’s pretty much the extent of my television viewing habits
Dato family

Brooke with her husband Jamie and two boys, Boston and Bracken