Sometimes baptism is the result of an immediate desire after getting saved, and sometimes it’s the result of a refining process. No matter the route it takes to get someone to the place of obedience in baptism, it’s always a way for God’s life-changing work to shine like it has in Kira Scott’s life.

Kira had a self-described checkered past. She grew up in Florida in a single parent, Catholic home and experimented with drugs, alcohol and partying as a teenager.

“It’s only by God’s grace I’m still here because there’s many times that I shouldn’t have been.”

She followed her friend to Ohio for college where she met her then boyfriend. They attended church together here at Northwest, but their relationship was about to undergo a major change.

As a 20-year-old college student, she realized she was pregnant and went to an abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy.

“There was no way in my planning, in my life, that I could have gone five months and not known [I was pregnant]. But, God knew. It was that day that God saved my son’s life—from me.”

God used that situation and subsequent birth of her son as a way of preparing Kira to take her next step in baptism nearly a year and a half later.

Kira continued attending church and accepted Christ at age 22. She saw how God was at work in her life even as she tried to take things into her own hands, including a stint of living with her boyfriend, now husband, out of wedlock.

Things weren’t easy leading up to her baptism and marriage and things haven’t been easy since, but God has done an incredible work in her life. He put a desire in her to make a declaration through baptism—one she encourages others to take.

“It’s your outward, your public statement that you’re willing to let God change your life. You’ve already accepted him, but now it’s time to change and let other people know that God is changing you from the inside out.”

Watch her story to hear more.

“I wanted to say so much the day [I was baptized], but I couldn’t. I was just overcome by the mercy of His love in saving me and that’s what everyone needed to know. He truly saved my life.”


The Full Transcript

– Hi my name is Kira Scott and this is my story.
I grew up in a single family Catholic home.
I didn’t know my dad growing up.
He was an addict.
I never met him.
When I was a kid, my mom
my mom got married and
when I was about nine, they got divorced.
That was when I learned the fun stuff
that he wasn’t my dad
and I had a sister somewhere.
It was kind of cool.
Going into high school and only having one parent,
kinda got away with a lot of stuff,
did some really stupid stuff.
In high school I did drugs and
drank a lot of alcohol.
It’s only by God’s grace I’m still here
because there’s many times
that I shouldn’t have been.
I used to drink and drive all the time.
Come home whenever I wanted to.
My mom, after the divorce,
started dating a bunch of guys.
It was a different guy every week,
every day, every other day and
she just wanted us to be a happy family again
and I didn’t want anything to do with it.
So she did her thing and I did mine.
It was almost like we were roommates and
she would go out on the weekends.
She would party.
I’d stay with family for a good amount of my
high school years I
stayed with my grandmother, who currently lives with me.
On top of drugs and alcohol in high school and partying,
I had sex before marriage and
thought that I could do whatever I wanted to,
skip school all the time,
I would surf all day living in Florida.
I was a high school cheerleader so
a lot of people knew me and it was
just a big group of us who did what we wanted all the time.
All the teachers knew us so
we got away with a lot in school, out of school,
and my best friend who I grew up with,
I’ve known her since we were five,
she moved here to Ohio and I missed her terribly so
we said when we were in middle school
that we were going to go to the same high school,
the same college, and have kids together someday.
Didn’t all pan out.
So after high school, I decided that I wanted to
come up here and go to OSU and
low and behold, OSU’s too expensive so
out of state, I came up here and I went to community college
and I met my husband here when I
came to visit my friend, Britney.
We dated for a couple years.
I met his family.
They were Christians.
They were different than my family
and I didn’t know why.
My husband, boyfriend at the time,
knew that I was Catholic and
over the years he, just would kind of
plant seeds and I would ask questions.
He would give me answers and I didn’t quite understand
why the answers were different than what I grew up with
and what I knew to be true.
I started going to church.
His mom asked me if I would attend church with them
here at Northwest, almost nine years ago and
I came, but it was different.
It was really different.
I was used to the rhythm of the Catholic Church and
I didn’t like it here.
It was loud.
It was invasive to my mind and what I wanted to do
with my day to day life.
And I kept coming.
Then I gradually started to like it a little bit.
I enjoyed the music.
I enjoyed the people even though I didn’t know anyone yet
one day I was here with my husband and his mom
and I don’t really remember what the service was about,
but I knew that it was talking to me,
that God was talking to me and
it was time to make a change.
I don’t remember the date.
It was a morning service.
I was 22 when I accepted Christ.
After I accepted Christ,
John and I moved in together.
We weren’t married yet and
we had a child out of wedlock.
I still wasn’t doing things the right way.
When we had our first child, we were young.
God had different plans for us,
but we tried to take it into our own hands.
Before we were living together is when we found out
we were going to have a baby.
I was still in college and so was he.
We didn’t have any plans for a baby.
No one knew but us
and God. (laughing)
I guess I didn’t fully wrap my head around the fact
that God knows everything.
He knows it before we’re going to do it,
before everything happens.
Went to the Wellness Planning Center and
paid for an abortion.
And I went back to the room and he couldn’t go with me.
And they were doing an ultrasound
and the funniest thing happened.
They measured the baby
and asked me to keep still
cause they couldn’t get any measurements
because I was too nervous and the baby was
moving around too much.
Didn’t quite make sense to me because
why wouldn’t they be able to get measurements
unless the baby was really big?
I was 22 weeks pregnant and we didn’t know.
I will forever remember the day that they
turned the screen and I could see that baby.
I passed out. (laughing)
I didn’t believe it.
I was in shock.
There was no way
in my planning, in my life that I could have gone
five months and not known it.
But God knew.
It was that day that God saved my son’s life.
From me.
It was May 10th, six years ago
that I met my son.
On that little tiny screen because God had different plans.
And it was at that point, I couldn’t go through with it.
They wouldn’t allow me to.
I was too far along and it wasn’t until later
that I realized that
that was God’s plan, clearly not mine.
I’m forever thankful for that.
I was still in college after that and
my husband was in college as well
and we told our parents, one of the hardest things
we’ve ever done in our life, I think,
that we were pregnant and
how far along we actually were.
And um, it was at that point,
my mom told me that I was going to be moving home,
away from John, back with my mom,
I did.
I was forced to move back home.
I was 20 years old and
I did not know how life was going to go after that.
I moved home.
I moved in with my mom who was living with her boyfriend
and they weren’t married.
And I didn’t have a very good relationship
and she didn’t want her new grandson to be around it so
we moved out and we moved into a house together,
just me and my mom and I still talked to John all the time.
We hadn’t broken up.
We were still together.
I think closer towards the end,
we started to get excited,
but how do you wrap your mind around
a pregnancy in three months?
Colton was born and
John flew down and he was there just in time to see him
after he was born, John stayed two weeks
and had to go back to school.
My family would make comments,
you’re going to be just like your mom.
You’re going to be a single parent too.
He’s not going to come back.
I didn’t want to believe it.
But I didn’t quite know God the way I do now.
I didn’t know that God had planned to fix all of it.
I didn’t know that God could make beauty from ashes.
I didn’t know that he would take my sin and my shame
and that I could glorify him in me.
I didn’t know that.
I just knew that there was an opportunity to change my life.
And I took it and I trusted in God.
And as Colton grew up, John wasn’t there.
I think he saw him once or twice in the span of nine months.
Watched him grow up through pictures and videos
and my family just
continued to put us both down.
Not believe in us.
They weren’t helpful and
John and I grew apart.
It was tough.
We were both saddened by our separation,
but at the time, there wasn’t much we could do about it.
I had to figure out a job situation
because I couldn’t put him in daycare and work.
John wasn’t working because he was in college.
I don’t know when it was, but I just hit this stopping point
and I’d had enough.
I wasn’t a kid, I was a mom.
I wasn’t a teenager, I was a young adult.
It was time for me to figure out how to do it.
So I told my mom,
I’m moving out.
We’re leaving.
We’re moving to Ohio and we’re going to
figure this thing out.
So that’s when John and I moved in together and
we forced so many doors open to get there.
Door after door was closed and we forced our way through.
God was clearly trying to tell us that
that was not his plan, but it was ours
and we paid the consequences for it.
We didn’t know how to be
a married couple because we weren’t.
We didn’t know how to be parents because
I was a single mom for nine months.
He didn’t know how to be a dad or a husband
because we weren’t together.
It was beyond difficult trying to figure it out
and we still didn’t go to God.
We started coming back to church.
Colton was in the nursery here.
He loved it.
And I just felt this pull
to be involved,
to take my next step,
that it can’t just be salvation
and then the rest of your life.
my family’s so different than his.
His family has Christ and it changes you,
but I didn’t know that and
we came to church every Sunday and
we decided that we wanted to be married.
We had always wanted to be married,
just not in this sequence of events.
We’d been together a couple of years and
we had started planning a wedding and
came to Pastor Harrell and asked him
if he would marry the both of us in ceremony and
he said yes, that we had to go through some
marriage counseling with him first and we did.
And I remember the first meeting that we went to.
John had to meet first with Pastor Ken
and then my meeting was shortly after and
John went in and met with Pastor Ken
and I was still at home, came here afterwards to
meet with Pastor Ken and John came out,
he was very quiet and I said, how’d it go?
And he said, it went okay.
Your meeting’s been canceled.
And I said, what?
You had yours, now I’m supposed to have my meeting
and he said, we need to talk
and I think my heart shattered into a million pieces
cause we all know what that usually means.
And I was terrified and
I didn’t know what he was going to say.
My heart was in my throat as we had a conversation.
He said he was moving out.
I didn’t understand why.
I was scared.
I thought that maybe it really was true,
what my family said.
It wasn’t going to work,
that he didn’t really care about us
as much as he says he does.
little did I know that God was working on him too.
So we went home.
He packed his stuff and moved back to his mom’s house,
mom and dad’s.
And we lived apart for six months until we were married.
It was the longest six months of my life.
Everyday I didn’t know if he was going to come back.
We got married and Colton was a year and a half old,
almost two.
It was the best day of my life.
After we got married, things didn’t get any better.
We still argued all the time.
He still lived his college life and I played mom.
I was persistent about us continuing to be at church,
going to church and wanted to be part of the church
and I begged him to come to a membership meeting,
membership class here at Northwest.
He was reluctant to go, but I was excited.
And we became members,
but had to go through some classes first,
some questioning,
and the one thing that I struggled with was baptism
because I was baptized as an infant.
I didn’t know what it meant,
but I knew that I was already baptized.
I agreed to do it,
but I still didn’t understand what it was about.
I began to study
to try and figure out why baptism was the next step
and we read about the fruits of the spirit,
but I didn’t have any of those.
Read about God’s salvation through Jesus
and him taking our shame and our sin,
about being glorified in us and I didn’t understand
how that was going to come to pass either.
I found that baptism isn’t
it’s not salvation, but it comes afterwards.
It’s your outward, your public statement
that you’re willing to let God change your life,
that you’ve already accepted him,
but now it’s time to change and
let other people know that God is changing you
from the inside out.
It wasn’t until we started doing things God’s way
that blessings truly did rain down from Heaven.
And boy was he changing me.
I struggled with it for a while because I was Catholic
by birth.
I was baptized into Catholicism,
but I didn’t know God in Catholicism.
I didn’t know salvation.
I was never told that was a possibility.
I didn’t know you could have a relationship with God.
I didn’t know his authority,
but also his loving mercy
and baptism was going to be that next step for me
in showing my family that I’m going to allow God
to make me different and
that was when I decided it was time.
It was time to go public and
the big splash in 2014, in June,
was when I was baptized and I was nervous
beyond all imagination.
Pastor Ken knew my story then.
He knew what John and I had gone through.
He knew how we’d been changing.
He knew that we said yes to Christ
and doing things his way
and not living apart before we were married
and not having sex before we were officially married,
for that length of time and respecting God
because God is no respect over persons
everything fell into place and I was just
being pulled closer and closer to God.
Pastor Ken was so excited for me to be baptized
and he wanted me to publicly tell our church my story
and I was like, okay, I can do this.
I had it all prepared.
I was waiting in line and I thought I was going to pass out.
And I just remember praying before I walked down
into the water to meet Pastor Ken.
God use me in whatever way you see fit,
not my words, but your words.
And I walked down and I looked out into the crowd
of our entire church and I could not say a word.
I don’t know if it was fear or just
being overcome by
the excitement, the nervousness, the Holy Spirit,
and I just cried.
And what I said was, he saved my life
because that’s what God did.
I have a checkered past.
I was saved through salvation,
but baptism was God’s time to shine.
It was his moment, not mine,
to brag on what he’s done in my life
and how he’s changed me from the inside out
and then it was my time to be buried
in the likeness of his death and
raised in the likeness of his resurrection,
in his glory.
And I wanted to say so much
that day,
but I couldn’t.
I was just overcome by the mercy of his love
in saving me and that’s what everyone needed to know,
that he truly saved my life.
So Pastor Ken told my story
and I was baptized.
And ever since then, things have been a little different,
a lot different.
I’m not the same person I was.
I’m a mom.
I’m a wife.
But most importantly, I’m a child of God.
After that,
we went on to be married for a couple years.
We had problems with each and every pregnancy after that
and I didn’t understand why we were still having problems.
I thought it was salvation, baptism,
a cake walk. (laughing)
But it wasn’t and
we had our second child, but in the process,
we almost lost her.
I remember waking up one day in a pool of blood
and I was scared.
I was terrified and I just remember sobbing my way
through prayers on my knees.
God, save this child, please.
And God is so good, he did.
She was born at 36 weeks, healthy baby.
Life was more interesting with two, two kids
and we continued our ups and downs, our trials,
but each time it was just bringing us closer to him,
breaking down walls in our life, chains,
working through our past, our baggage, our fears,
and trusting in him, slowly seeing who he is
and knowing who we are in Christ.
Then after our second child,
we didn’t plan for a third.
I was nine weeks.
He already had a name.
And my doctor called to tell me we were losing this one.
I didn’t understand.
I may never understand,
but God doesn’t call us to understand.
He calls us to be obedient.
It was an ectopic pregnancy
and it almost killed me.
God wasn’t done yet.
He’s still not done.
It was the darkest day of my life.
I didn’t understand why.
I never asked why, but I didn’t understand.
I remember after getting off of the phone
and sobbing uncontrollably for probably three hours,
I kneeled down next to my bed and opened up Psalm 1-19.
It was the longest three hours of my life,
but I was so blessed to hear what God had to tell me.
I remember reading what David wrote,
it is good that I was afflicted,
that I may know you and know God’s statutes.
And it was then that I realized
this isn’t for me.
My children were his before they were mine.
he’s safer in Heaven than here on Earth,
but that God was going to get glory from this
and I leaned heavily on him, we all did.
That was my Gethsemane.
Nobody else understood what I was going through.
I didn’t know anyone who
understood what I was going through.
My husband was sad,
but didn’t quite understand what it felt like
to lose someone from your body
and it hurt.
It was so painful and I was so, so sick
and I just kept praying and praying and praying
and I knew that God would get glory from it,
but I couldn’t see when or how or where,
but I knew there wasn’t a why.
He deserves it.
He deserves all the glory from my life that he can get.
And after we lost Brennan,
it was then that I just gave everything to him
and for his glory, no matter the cost.
And that was hard because there is a lot at stake.
And God continued to bless our family and amaze us.
He never ceases to amaze me.
There are times where
we’re in a bind or we have no idea how
a certain situation is going to work out,
but God does and it works out so seamlessly,
so beautifully,
and that’s what baptism is.
It’s his
seamless beauty being shown through our commitment,
through our surrender to him and
our willingness to show people publicly,
I have been saved by his mercy and his grace
and I want you to know that God is changing me.
I’m Kira Scott and that’s my story.