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At NW | Last Thursday of the month, 7–8:30pm Open Group

Group Details

Gender: Men

Dudes2Dads connects men with Christ and with one another in meaningful relationships.

The pressures of being a dude and the responsibilities of being a dad are ever-increasing. Our desire is to bless and encourage you to enable you to leave with new and deeper friendships.

“There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”
Proverbs 18:24

Using God’s Word, Dudes2Dads shines a spotlight on the roles, responsibilities, struggles, and blessings of being a man. We discuss men’s health from a spiritual, physical, and emotional standpoint through teaching moments, guest speakers, and testimonies.

Each month men leave equipped with practical, relevant ideas and tools to help you live out God’s purpose for your life. Our first gathering is Thursday, May 26, 7–8:30pm. You can expect food, fun, mentoring, teaching, and some giveaways!

Dude, sign me up for that!

This is going to be awesome, glad to have you! Let us know you’re coming…

  • If you plan to bring any guests—and we hope you do—jot their names down here.