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Sermon Audio: Why the Virgin Birth Matters


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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Why the Virgin Birth Matters

Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

Jesus’ first arrival here on earth looked a lot different than what his second coming will. What we find is the most unique birth story… ever! Because although Jesus became a human like us, He was still very much in a category of His own.

Nine months before there was a baby in a manger, there was a young virgin girl being told that she would conceive… and her child would be the Son of the Most High God.

This can’t ever be just a sweet Christmas story, because it’s so much more. We have got to know “Why the Virgin Birth Matters”.

Fill-in Notes

Key Scripture

Matthew 1:18, Luke 1:35, Isaiah 7:14

Take Away / Application

The virgin birth is a critical piece to Christianity and should have a huge impact on how we live out our faith. Let’s tell the world of who Jesus is!

Discussion Questions

Don’t be afraid to add to this list, skip questions that don’t work for your group or branch off with additional questions as discussion unfolds. Conversation is key! This is the time to work through the application of scripture and have group members figure things out together.

  1. How often do you consider the significance of Jesus being born of a virgin?
  2. How does it impact your faith, walk, and witness when you read Isaiah 7:14 and realize that the virgin birth of the messiah was prophesied 700 years before Jesus’ birth?
  3. Why is it so important that Jesus was both fully human & fully Divine?
  4. God cannot overlook sin. What is the only remedy for sin? Leviticus 17:11, Hebrews 9:22
  5. Read Acts 20:28. How do you view this verse in light of today’s message?
  6. Have you let the busyness of the Christmas season distract you from time with Jesus?
  7. As you examine your heart, where are your priorities? What changes do you need to make today?
  8. Who have you been able to speak with this season and bring up the name of Jesus?


  • Where have you been reading in the Word this past week?
  • How is your prayer time with the Lord this week?
  • How can we be praying for each other?



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Scripture Reference

Isaiah, Luke, Matthew


Christmas, Virgin Birth