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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sinners & Saints, Part 1

Danny Whisner

Director of Young Adults & Assimilation

Throughout life, we all look for stability, strength, results, purpose, and direction.

When it comes to making decisions, how we live and what we focus on… knowing what to do is valuable, however, sometimes it’s just as important to know what not to do.

Psalm 1 gives us wisdom and direction into how we should, and should not live our lives. It challenges us to examine our lives and apply its truth.

Fill-in Notes

Key Scripture

Psalm 1

Take Away / Application

  • Am I putting myself in places and with people that pull me away from Jesus or push me toward him?
  • Do I desire more of Jesus?
  • Do I hunger for God’s Word (The Bible)?

Discussion Questions

Don’t be afraid to add to this list, skip questions that don’t work for your group or branch off with additional questions as the discussion unfolds. Conversation is key! This is the time to work through the application of scripture and have group members figure things out together.

The progression of sin…

  1. Read Psalm 1:1a. Typically, sin is a slow fade. How have you seen the slow fade and “consideration” of sin take affect in your life? Share. Proverbs 4:14–15.
  2. Read Psalm 1:1b. Even if we’re not sinning, what are the dangers of “standing” near or accommodating sin?
  3. Read Psalm 1:1c. Danny said, “When you pursue sin, sin pursues you.” Discuss. Proverbs 13:20
  4. Is there any area in your life where you’re flirting with, standing on the edge of or entertaining sin? Any area where you’re considering, accommodating or participating in sin? Danny was honest with us in areas he’s struggled. Be honest with yourself and group during this time…not for the sake of just sharing, but help turn one another from sin and to Jesus. James 5:19–20.
  5. How can you practically love the sinner and hate the sin? Is it possible to love and lead someone to Jesus while not condoning their sin?

The power of His Word…

  1. Read Psalm 1:2. Share with your group when, how and where you, consistently, spend time with God, in the Bible and prayer. If you don’t, how can your group help? How can you start today?
  2. Do you see value in memorizing Scripture? Why or why not? What obstacles, fears or excuses get in the way of memorizing Scripture. How do you go about meditating on and memorizing Scripture?
  3. Are you the influencer or the influenced? Am I putting myself in places and with people that pull me away from Jesus or push me toward Him?
  4. Read Psalm 119 this week.


Please pray for a greater hunger and thirst for reading, applying, understanding and delighting in God’s Word.

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