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Sermon Audio: Our Good… His Glory


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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Our Good… His Glory

Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

At some point, suffering is a reality for each and every one of us. But when it comes, it’s imperative that we don’t allow it to derail us. How do you stop that from happening? You’ve got to hold tight to the truth that our God wants to use even the worst times to bring about two things: Our Good… His Glory.

Fill-in Notes

Key Scripture


Take Away / Application

God uses suffering and struggles for our good and His glory.

Discussion Questions

Don’t be afraid to add to this list, skip questions that don’t work for your group or branch off with additional questions as discussion unfolds. Conversation is key! This is the time to work through the application of scripture and have group members figure things out together.

  1. Paramount to understanding suffering is having a biblical worldview. Read John 16:33. What does Jesus promise we will encounter in the world? What do we have in Jesus amidst struggles? What has Jesus done as it pertains to the world?
  2. Butterflies struggle to emerge from their cocoon. Muscles must breakdown to grow stronger. Food must be broken down to turn into nutrients. Why do you think we try to run from struggle and adversity, viewing it as a negative instead of a positive?
  3. Read Job 2:10. What is your typical response to suffering and struggle? (Do you ask why? Do you blame God? Do you lean into God? Etc.)
  4. As you look back on past suffering and struggles, how have you seen God work and use those times to strengthen you? Share a specific example.
  5. Read Hebrews 4:16. God has a goal, and His grace is available during suffering. How does this truth change your view as you move forward and face future struggles?
  6. During difficult times, what does it look like, for you, to move from asking “Why?” to “What?” (What purpose do You have for me during this struggle?)
  7. Read Job 13:15 and 19:25–27. Discuss the “Ask yourself this…” question at the end of your notes.
  8. Outside of the above question, what impacted you the most from this message?


  1. What have you learned from your time in the Bible this week? How is it impacting your daily life?
  2. How is your prayer life? Are you spending quality time in prayer with the Lord?


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