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Which One Am I?

5 Part Series

Series Description

If you were to pen a final note before you died, it’s a given that you would want every single word to matter.

“the time of my departure is at hand…”

Paul knew his time on earth was quickly coming to an end as he sat in a Roman prison awaiting his execution. His earthly ministry was coming to a close, and in the little time he had left he was led by the Holy Spirit to write a final letter.

But even though this letter was written to Timothy, in the last paragraphs Paul pens a powerful message for us today… simply by mentioning names.

In these final paragraphs we read of Demas… Luke… Mark… Timothy… and Paul. Each has a message for us. Some offer encouragement, others a warning. But as we take a closer look at each man, we stop seeing them and we begin to see us.

In this series, Pastor Harrell takes a close look at each of these men and the lesson God has today for each of us. And as we listen, let’s each of us take an honest look at our life and ask… Which One Am I?

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Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

Scripture Reference

2 Timothy,


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