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Today and Tomorrow

2 Part Series

Series Description

Ever stop and think that we spend a lot focusing on the future? It’s like one big question mark. What do I do after I graduate?… When am I going to find Mr./Miss Right?… Where are we going to live?… Should I take that new job?… How are we going to afford this?… And our focus can often lead to worry.

The reality is, our tomorrow has a way of distracting us from what we should be doing today. And while planning for the future can be a good thing… even necessary at times… putting first things first today is much more important to God. It’s why He told us to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

There will always be some secondary thing looming in the future that is begging for our attention. But it’s imperative we get that first priority right, for both our Today and Tomorrow.


Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

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