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Taking Your Next Step

5 Part Series

Series Description

“Change is inevitable.”

Isn’t that the truth? If you’re not sure, ask any parent. From the moment a child is born, they are constantly changing. It’s what growing people do. One moment an infant is crawling, and then they’re learning to walk and then run…it’s the natural progression of things. There’s always a next milestone for that child to reach. And just like children, we who know Christ as our Savior are called to change. Because it’s what growing people do…they change.

No matter where we are as Christians in our walk with God, there will always be a next step for us to take. We didn’t suddenly “arrive” the moment we got saved. Rather, God called us to move forward…always prepared to take the next step He has laid out for us.

What’s your next step?

You may know, or you may be unsure, but one thing is for certain. There is a next step that God has for you…and you don’t want to miss it. In this series, Pastor Harrell lays out what the “next step” looks like.


Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

Scripture Reference

Genesis, 1 Samuel, Acts,