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Satan: Enemy & Deceiver

4 Part Series

Series Description

More than likely we’ve all seen the little red cartoon character with a goatee, pointed tail and pitchfork. Somewhere along the way this became the way the world viewed Satan, but the picture painted in Scripture couldn’t be more different. He’s the embodiment of everything God hates, and while at times he is overt, he often chooses to be cunning… patiently laying traps, just waiting to draw us in until we are completely ensnared.

Beginning the moment God kicked the prideful angel out of heaven, Satan made it his mission to keep God’s most treasured creation… mankind… from the right relationship God desired to have with us. Satan has thousands of years of experience in dealing with men and women, and yet his strategy hasn’t changed.

But though this enemy of God is fierce, God has not left His children to battle this cunning opponent on their own. Rather He has given us the only weapon strong enough to defeat him… the very Word of God.

In this series of messages, Pastor Harrell will be showing us in Scripture that though we can’t minimize the reality of the danger this enemy of God presents to us, we don’t live our lives defeated, because “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”


Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

Scripture Reference

Ephesians, 1 John, Ezekiel, Genesis, Isaiah, Luke, Revelation,


Armor of God, Satan, Spiritual Warfare, Strategy, Deception, Sin,