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Let’s Get Real!

18 Part Series

Series Description

It’s easy to fall into a routine in our Christian life. Go to church, hear the message… read the Bible, pray… repeat. Before we know it, we’ve put ourselves on cruise control and are just coasting through life. But the Bible is the Living Word of God. It’s more than just words on pages written thousands of years ago. It’s meant to bring change in our lives… every aspect of our life.

The book of James is just five short chapters, but in these chapters, James packs a serious punch. It’s meant to be a gut-check… a spiritual measuring stick. The chapters are simple to read, but intense when it comes to putting it into practice.

Because the book of James confronts our comfortable routine and shows us that’s not enough.

It’s as though James is saying “You’ve got Sunday down pat, now how are you doing Monday through Saturday?” He addresses the issues we deal with every single day. Temptation, pride, our words, favoritism, works… he lays it all out and asks us to take a close look at our lives and be honest. How do you measure up?

If we let it, this book will allow us to truly see how we measure up and begin to bring about the change that God desires. Because God wants more than just our Sunday… He wants our everything.


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Ken Harrell

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