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Family Advisory: Explicit Instructions

7 Part Series

Series Description

Instructions… those little booklets included with our purchased items that hold all the information we could ever possibly need for the item to work properly. Whether we’re attempting to assemble a child’s toy or furniture from Ikea, we need instructions. We can attempt to assemble without them, but at some point, we’re going to be left with a pile of screws, wondering where on earth they were supposed to go. And often times, it’s only then that we see the need for the instruction manual… that little book that would have saved us a lot of time.

And family is just like that… only it’s not just wasted time we’re saving ourselves from, it’s heartache. All too often we jump into family life, thinking the pieces will fall into place as we go, only to realize our foundation wasn’t built properly, and before we know it, our family is crumbling around us.

Couples that start out so in love, find themselves living with a near stranger. The spouse who promised to “forsake all others”, is caught in an affair. Children who once begged to have their parents tell them “one more story”, suddenly become teenagers who would rather listen to their peers than their parents.

Wouldn’t it be nice if family life came with an instruction manual?

Good news for us… it does. In fact, you can’t get more detailed instructions than the ones laid out for us in God’s Word. Only these aren’t optional. We cannot expect to have a positive family life if we don’t consult the One who designed the very concept of family.

The cost of choosing to ignore these instructions is a price greater than you would ever want to pay.


Ken Harrell

Senior Pastor

Scripture Reference

Deuteronomy, Song of Solomon, Daniel, Psalms, Genesis,


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