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The Big 10

We live in “Big 10” country. Most of us can rattle off the Big 10 teams without batting an eye, and even though there are now 12 teams that make up the conference, we’ll always be remembered as the Big 10.

God has His own Big 10. And although we live in a society that sees no problem with bending, breaking and adding to rules to suit it’s needs, that’s not an option with these 10.

When it came time to make laws for His people, He etched in stone these ten things. He didn’t use a pencil with an eraser. He didn’t use footnotes in case they needed to be amended at a later date. He etched them in stone. It was His way of saying these are non-negotiable.

We as a nation can choose to ignore them, fight to remove them from our schools and courts, but God was clear. Don’t try to water them down. Don’t attempt to make other things as important. These are His Big 10. And they’re commandments, not suggestions.