Renovation Updates

Here are the updates for week three of the renovation project. For renderings of what the finished product will look like, see our post, Building New Spaces For Worship & Connection.

Wide view of the Worship Center renovation

Wide view from the back of the Worship Center. The drywall is being finished everywhere where wood slats will soon be installed.

Wide view of painters in Worship Center

Wide view of the painters spraying the Worship Center grid a light gray color.

Painter spraying ceiling

Painting the ceiling grid and air ducts.

Ceiling in the Café space

New ceiling tile and LED can lights in the Café space.

Cutting drywall

Construction worker cutting drywall in the Worship Center.

Handing trimmed drywall to installer

Handing off a trimmed piece of drywall to the installer.

Installing drywall on a lift

Installing drywall on the Worship Center columns.

Wide view of the Living Room space. The black wall is a backdrop for wood slats that will be coming very soon!

Café space under construction

The Café space is ready for the wood slats.