Renovation Updates

Here are the updates for week three of the renovation project. For renderings of what the finished product will look like, see our post, Building New Spaces For Worship & Connection.

Wide view of the Worship Center

Wide view of the Worship Center from the stage. Paint, wall preparations, and electrical are all going on.

Living Room drywall work

The drywall in the Living Room space is almost complete. The next step will be to paint and install the wood slats.

Café window installation

The wall of windows being installed along one side of the Café. Seeing this step take place really helps you realize how far along the project has come!

Drywall work in the Worship Center

Installing and mudding drywall on the main wall of the stage in preparation for the wood slats.

Drywall mudding

Construction workers talking

Mark, our project manager, checking in with one of the crew members.

Cory and Matt in a lift

Cory and Matt took a scissor lift for a spin to remove some old equipment from the light bar.

Painting the ceiling grid

The painters began painting the ceiling grid.

Wide view of painters working on the ceiling.

High over the pews, the painters are painting the ceiling grid and air ducts with a sprayer.