Welcome New Members!

We’re excited God led these folks to be an essential part of our church body! Hopefully this post helps you put names with faces to so that you can welcome them to the Northwest family!

Brian Bandy
 Michele Bouquet
Dan Brooks & Giovanna Hamilton 
Judson & Haley Brown
Shannon Callahan
Matthew & Kelsey Clark
Bettye Clevenger
Darren & Brandy Craddock
Zach Curtis
Rick & Carol Dise
Bradley Draghi
Nathan & Heather Dunn
Brandon & Angela Eichholz
Wendy & Kaitlin Flanagan
Dean & Erica Gardner
Sherry George
Mark & Kim Gollihue
Anne Grubbs
Brooks & Jessi Hooley
Chris & Mary Howard
Dorothy Jamison
Phil & Susie Jarvis
Anthony & Jessica Kelsey
Jordan Kielich
Sandie Koons
Morgan Lalonde
Kevin & Carrie Love
Ross & Beth Miller
Tracey Miller
Kasey & Katie Neer
Brock & Jen Oakes
Fred & Myrna Rogers
Lance Rose
Ryan & Jessica Schertzer
Skip & Peg Schmidt
Patricia Sphar
Allan Swords
Tim Tolley
Denise Vermillion
Russ & Mindy White
George & Darlene Yoakam
Alex & Jess Yoder
Jody Young
Donna Yutzy