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News From Jared Murlin – August & September 2017

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Murlin

“One thing that I want to learn is how to talk to people about my faith in Jesus.”

I sat across from Jonah, a freshman at Baldwin Wallace. After only a couple of days on campus, Jonah had already found himself in several situations where he could talk to people in his dorm about his faith in Jesus.

Jonah grew up in a strong Christian family and knew that coming to a secular campus like Baldwin Wallace would test his faith, but also put him in situations to influence others for Jesus. He decided to attend Baldwin Wallace when he discovered that there were opportunities to have Christian fellowship with other students on campus. Now, Jonah is excited to talk about his faith with his peers and get plugged in to the Cru community. I am looking forward to continuing to meet with Jonah and equip him to share his faith with others!

The start of the year has been an exciting time for the ministry at Baldwin Wallace. Here are a few more of the highlights: A number of strong Christians have jumped right in to the ministry including Chris, a missionary kid from Papua New Guinea who wants to go into medical missions, and Alex, an acting major who wants to enter the acting field where Christians are scarce. Rachel, a girl who was on my summer mission trip to Croatia, began sharing the gospel with her roommate from the start of the year and was a part of seeing her roommate place her faith in Jesus! The artist Bible study, which has historically been a challenge for us, has blown up this year and had 18 students at their first meeting. Chad and Noah, two students who are not Christians have gained a lot of interest in exploring their faith and have come to nearly every event that we have held this Fall. Please join me in thanking God for the good things that he has done at Baldwin Wallace and in asking for Him to work in the lives of these students.

The ministry at Case Western has also started on a high note. About 25 freshmen came to the Freshmen Bible Study launch and the Freshmen are quickly forming a friend group. This is a huge answer to prayer, especially as our staff have had limited time on Case’s campus this year. After graduating a strong class of leaders last year, it has been exciting to watch younger students step into leadership roles and help to minister to the incoming Freshmen class. Please continue to pray that God would be at work in the lives of students at Case Western!

Students at Case gather for our Bar-B-Cru event during the first week of the semester. There are a lot of students who desire a relationship with God, but have not had a safe community to ask honest, hard questions. Our prayer and goal is to be a community where non believing students can feel like they belong and have meaningful friendships where they are free to wrestle with their questions about faith and God.