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News From Jared Murlin – October 2017

Posted on October 27, 2017 by Murlin

“Hey, you are with Cru, right? Remember me from a couple of years ago? Do you have some time to talk?”

My meeting with AJ and Greg, two sophomore football players who I have written about before, was interrupted as Mark, a senior at Baldwin Wallace, pulled up a chair and sat down. He got right to it: “I am really struggling with some big sins in my life. I grew up as a Christian, but now I am not sure if my faith is still intact. Can you help me understand some of these passages?” Mark earnestly flipped through several passages of the New Testament talking about his sin struggles and some difficult passages concerning backsliding in the faith. After an hour of talking, Mark had told us his story and some of the destructive effects sin had in his life. We told Mark the hope that the Gospel gives us as Christians for forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, and redemption. We prayed for Mark and he followed us to Cru’s weekly meeting.

Mark had actually been involved with Cru for a brief time during his Freshmen year, but a busy schedule led to him drifting away from Cru and putting his faith on the back burner. Now Mark is back and he wants to make the most of his remaining time in college. Since that night, he has joined a growing group of guys who meet with me on Tuesday nights to study the Bible. Headed up by AJ and Greg, the group meets after the football team gets out of practice and has attracted several other football players to join us. Mark, AJ, and Greg have prioritized reading the Word together and praying, and the effect has been contagious. I am excited to see how much this group continues to grow, both in quantity of people, and quality of time with God!

This passed weekend was our Cru Cleveland Fall Retreat! It was a refreshing time for students and staff to get away from campus for a while and worship together while hearing some challenging talks. Our speaker focused on stories of Jesus—revisiting stories that we think we know, only to show that Jesus is far greater than we often think that He is. The retreat culminated on Saturday night when our speaker asked students to stand if they needed Jesus to intersect their lives to bring healing, deliverance, cleansing, or just a fresh desire to follow Him closely. Tears flowed as more than one-third of the room stood and asked for prayer that Jesus would act in their lives. Honestly, it was one of the most powerful moments that I have ever experienced in ministry.

Our prayer as a staff team is that this weekend was a turning point in the growth of our movements. We are praying that students would become more compassionate and caring toward the broken people of this world. We are praying that students would continue to experience Jesus in a way that is compelling and life changing. Please join me in thanking God for how He is working in the movements in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio!

Students from Case Western gather for a group picture at our Fall Retreat.

Students from Case Western and Baldwin Wallace. Mark is pictured in purple.