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News From Jared Murlin – February 2017

Posted on March 7, 2017 by Murlin

Filters Series

Over that last few weeks we have been diving into a talk and outreach series called “Filters.” The idea was to explore the ways that we all put filters over our lives. In the same way that social media is often the highlight reel of our lives, we try to highlight the best things about ourselves while filtering out the less attractive things of our lives.

Students were challenged to take the initiative to strike up conversations with students on campus using Soularium Cards (pictured right), to ask tough questions about life and God. We asked people if they felt like there were people in their lives with whom they could truly be their “unfiltered” selves and how they thought God felt about their “unfiltered" selves. From there, we got to share the Gospel and offer to pray for people.

For me, the highlight of the outreach came when we had a Soularium table set up in the Case student center. There were two students manning the table asking passersby if they would like to take our filters survey, three other groups of students were dispersed throughout the student center engaging in spiritual conversations with students, and another two groups of students had gone to nearby buildings to look for people with whom to have spiritual conversations. It was incredible to see so many students taking the call to share the Gospel so seriously that they would walk up to total strangers and get into spiritual conversations with them! All told at Case Western, we engaged in over 100 spiritual conversations.

Soularium Cards. We use this set of 50 pictures frequently in Cru. It is a great conversation resource. It is easy to ask “which pictures describe you?” or “which picture sums up your walk with God recently and why?”

Croatia Update

As I mentioned in my last update letter, I will be spending my summer heading back to Croatia on a summer mission trip for the third time. Split, Croatia exists as an extension of the Cru Cleveland ministry. We want to point students to being a part of taking the Gospel to the whole world, and being involved with our Split partnership is an easy way for them to do that.

I am excited to see how students have responded to being involved with our partnership this year. We have eight Cleveland students representing five of our campuses who have applied to come with me on the summer mission trip. They are taking huge steps of faith this summer, foregoing internship and job opportunities and raising $5,000 to spend the summer reaching Croatians with the Gospel.

Additionally, we had the chance to help scholarship two Croatian student leaders to go to a Cru training conference in Hungary where they will be equipped with ministry skills and fellowship with other student leaders. Cleveland students gave $842 to make the trip possible for the Croatian students. I am blown away by their care for a country that they have no reason to think about, apart from the need for the Gospel to be shared there. Please join me in thanking God for these student’s sensitivity to the need and generosity to give and go to advance the Gospel in Croatia!