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News From Jared Murlin – April & May 2017

Posted on May 10, 2017 by Murlin

Have you ever had someone in your life who seemed like they were a special gift from God? Perhaps you did not recognize it at first, but retrospect makes it so clear. Such is the case with Preston, a graduating senior from Case Western who I have had the privilege of discipling for the past four years.

I met Preston when he was still a senior in high school coming to Case for his college visit. Being from Texas, Preston and his family had little idea of what Cleveland was like, but they did some research and found Cru on the internet. Sitting over pizza on a snowy winter day we talked about the small Cru community on campus, the new church plant that most of us went to, and what his hopes were for playing baseball at Case (he is a pitcher). Preston also told me about his plan to go to medical school so that he could become a medical missionary.

Preston ultimately decided to come to Case Western and immediately began impacting our fledgeling Cru community and the whole campus through his walk with God. What I admired most about Preston was not his knowledge of the Bible, which is by far the most extensive of any student that I have worked with, nor his jovial attitude that made him well liked by everyone who knows him, but his sincere desire to walk closely with the Lord for a lifetime and use his talents and abilities to help build God’s Kingdom.

As an athlete, Preston used his platform to share the Gospel with other men on the baseball team. On several occasions his coach gave him the floor to share the Gospel with the entire team. Preston then worked with a few other Christian athletes to launch Athletes in Action where he led a Bible Study that reached out to the athletic community on campus.

Serving on our student leadership team, Preston has had an impact on much of what Cru does at Case Western. As one student put it, Preston has been the face of Cru, and he wore that responsibility well. He has spoken or emceed at various Cru and campus events where he is always eager to talk about Jesus and the Gospel. He has also discipled a bunch of guys, two of whom are going to be leaders in Cru next year and one who is a leader with a high school ministry.

Meeting with Preston has been a highlight of my week for four years now. It was always so much fun to talk about theology, history (we are both History majors), philosophy, baseball, or whatever else was bouncing around in our minds on a particular day.

Now, Preston is taking his next step in his journey into medical missions as he heads to medical school in Texas. Preston’s final destination is still up in the air, but his goal is to serve in an underdeveloped country where doctors and quality medical coverage are scarce. He has a heart for meeting the physical needs of people who otherwise have little to no hope for treatment. Preston also wants to use his platform as an opportunity to share the Gospel. Please join me in praying for this departing senior who has already had a huge impact on God’s Kingdom, but whose greatest impact still lies ahead of him.

Thank you for your support and prayers which enable me to continue to serve students like Preston!

Preston and I at Wade Lagoon, a pond on Case’s campus. Preston decided he had to swim across it once before he graduated.