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Weavers’ Update: God Is Working In The Namikango Village

Posted on April 20, 2017 by Weavers

There are no words to adequately describe what God is doing in the Namikango village, the location of our farmland. Before our eyes, God is opening a wide door for the gospel in a specific geographic region outside of Zomba.

I mentioned in a previous post, we are holding a weekly Bible study where 14 have trusted Christ as their savior (so far). Some of these 14 were Muslim. Currently there are no churches close by and the people have a strong desire to attend church. Until we plant a church in Namikango, we are transporting people from the village to our church. Every week more and more want to attend our church. These wonderful souls you see in the blue truck will be the core group for our church plant at Namikango village in August, Lord willing.

Namikango Folks attending Easter service at MCC

On Saturday afternoon our church’s youth and praise team went to Namikango for an evangelistic outreach. A couple hundred people attended the praise team concert and heard the gospel message. Prior to the concert the youth set the stage with one on one evangelism. In total, 47 people accepted Christ. Namikango is being won to Christ before our very eyes.

Joni and I at the outreach.

Meeting of people that accepted Christ during outreach.

Of course the enemy is going to fight back. There is beginning to be some unrest within the Muslim community.

Also, one of our full time farm workers, a recent convert, was attacked by a lady and her teenage boys. They chewed his left ear and right index finger in the attack. The fight was a result of a broken tree branch. Long story but very sad. Our guy demonstrated Christian love and forgiveness throughout the entire ordeal. He is healing rapidly and is back at work.

Boneface, the man attacked.

It is harvest time in Namikango (crops and men). Please pray with us for a bountiful harvest.

To God alone be the glory.