Serving Hilliard Families in Need

The start of a new school year brings excitement and anticipation of what’s ahead. That excitement shouldn’t be clouded by the inability to afford school supplies, which is an unfortunate reality for many single-parent families in Hilliard.

Northwest Bible recognized that need and worked to serve these families through the Single Parent Fair. Hosted on August 4, 2018, the Single Parent Fair was a family-friendly event filled with games, free snacks, and fun while also meeting a tangible need—backpacks filled with supplies for students in grades K-8.

Each child who attended the event received a new backpack and each family that attended left with a bag filled with nonperishable food items. All leftover backpacks were given to families in need at Hilliard Station 6th grade school and all food items were distributed through the Hilliard Food Pantry.

Serving our community in this way is accomplished through the support of our church family. Together, we filled 240 backpacks this year and hope to continue to grow that number in the years ahead.

Loving locally is just one step in our quest to see everyone in Hilliard in a growing relationship with Jesus.

Playing games outside at the Single Parent Fair

Volunteer greeting a family at the Single Parent Fair

Backpacks filled with school supplies and grocery bags filled with groceries at the Single Parent Fair

Volunteer helping a mom carry groceries and school supplies to her car at the Single Parent Fair

Single Parent Fair volunteer helping a mom carry supplies to her car

Volunteers helping a family carry backpacks and grocery bags to their car