Worship Center Lighting Update

We are shedding new light on the Worship Center this fall with the installation of state-of-the-art stage lighting and LED canned lights. Below are some questions and answers about the project with responses from our Administrative Pastor, Ron Whiteside.

Q. Why are we making these updates?

The current lighting system is original, which means it is more than 20 years old. With dated technology, comes increased cost of replacement parts and frequent system failure. We’ve experienced both over the past few years. The new system features updated technology with components that are easier to acquire—lowering costs and increasing system performance.

Q. What is the timeline for completion?

The work will be completed over a two-week period, starting Monday, October 29, and ending Friday, November 9. A majority of the project will be done during the standard workweek to minimize the impact on the high point of our week, Sunday. You may notice things looking a bit “under construction” during our worship service on Sunday, November 4. This will only impact the stage, not the seating in the Worship Center.

Q. How are we paying for this update?

Northwest Bible continues to be blessed with individuals who faithfully tithe to enable God’s work here at the church. The expense for this project was a planned, budgeted item for the fiscal year 2018 approved by our Board of Directors.