L2 Farm Demonstrates Qualities of God

Chris and Joni Weaver, missionaries to Malawi, shared this amazing update from harvest time at their Namikango Farm where they are able to provide jobs to local villagers who do not have many employment opportunities.

Pepper harvest on Namikango farm

Harvesting the fields at Namikango farm

Plentiful yield growing in perfectly laid out sections at Namikango farm

Precisely laid out grid of corn crops



[Wallace Kazima] – We are blessed despite the Corona came. It seems it has affected much of the city people, unlike here in the rural area. But still, we had the chance to hire at least maybe 100, 110, 120 people that have had a chance to get some kind of opportunity to work here. We are growing this maize. It’s a benefit to us because it’s for a city. We have to sell it to a big company. And at the same time, we have also had a chance to provide work to people to produce this. We have very lots of vegetables. Tomatoes, radish, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, green peppers, just to mention a few. So these vegetables are growing here using the local people around. Of course, we have some trained people, but we are also using the local people around. And the whole intention is to provide opportunities of work to the people around here.

[Chris Weaver] – This is our growing season 2021. And we wanted to give you an idea of what God is doing on this farm. You’ll notice the symmetry, the quality, the straight lines. All done by hand. This is all a demonstration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God is a god of quality and efficiency. And that’s what we wanted to try and demonstrate here, so hopefully, you can see what God is doing. Wallace and his team have taken painstaking efforts to make sure that everything is lined up and as it is planned, and then manage it that way.

So, we’re glad that you were able to come see the people, the lives that are being changed because they have a job in the middle of this Coronavirus activity, as Wallace already said. God is blessing us above more than we can imagine. So we’re just glad that you could see from an aerial perspective and on the ground what’s going on here.

We love you and we thank you so much for your support over the years. And I wanted you to see what has been the result of that. And so thank you once again.