Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Vacation Bible School…

Casual attire is best (shorts, t-shirts) with close-toed shoes (no flip flops, please; tennis shoes preferred). Your child will have a game time outside every day, and they will need to be comfortably dressed. Also, sometimes crafts can get a little messy, so wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty. Put sunscreen on your child before dropping them off.
As little as possible. They will be moving from room to room, and unnecessary stuff can get lost easily.
This year, we will have our main snacks plus authentic, one-bite sample snacks for the kids to try from various regions of the world.

  • Monday, June 18
    • Circles and Salsa: South American-inspired snack of round tortilla chips with salsa
    • Sample Snack: Pao de Quiejo (South American cheesy bread)
  • Tuesday, June 19
    • Tower Treats: Rice crispy treats stacked into the shape of a step pyramid
    • Sample Snack: Pita Chips and Hummus
  • Wednesday, June 20
    • Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches: three shades of ice cream…chocolate, vanilla and strawberry
    • Sample Snack: Plantain Chips
  • Thursday, June 21
    • Leaning Tower of Chees-a: European-inspired snack of Ritz Mini Cheese Crackers stacked into a leaning tower
    • Sample Snack: English Scones
  • Friday, June 22
    • Big Apple Mini Pie: North American-inspired snack that’s a pre-packaged, small apple pie
    • Sample Snack: Mexican Popcorn

Make sure you indicate any allergies on your child’s registration form. We have a daily snack and also offer bags of potato chips or Skinny Pop popcorn as an alternative. If what we provide doesn’t work for your child, you are welcome to provide your own snack. Please give it to your child’s group leader at drop-off.
We usually finalize classes the weekend before VBS begins. An email will be sent out with each child’s class assignment. Unfortunately, spam filters can catch these emails, so please check your spam filter and add kids@nwbible.org to your safe senders list.
T-shirts are $10 and are not required, but most kids buy one…it’s fun to see a sea of kids wearing their VBS shirts. You can purchase them with cash or check. Sorry, no credit or debit cards.
$5 cash or check.
Come early on Monday. Since it’s the first day it takes a little longer to get checked in. Our opening sessions start at 9am and 6:15pm so make sure you arrive in time for them to get checked in and get down to the Worship Center for our opening. Your kids won’t want to miss it! We ask that you walk your child into the building and drop them off at their group (in the gym) each day.

Please park and come in to pick up your child(ren).

  • Four-year-olds & PreK:
    • Will be dismissed a few minutes early from the Worship Center and will go with their leaders to the gym to await dismissal. Parents of 4s and PreKs will pick up their children in the gym. Look for signs to assist you, and remember your child’s class name if possible. They will be seated there, where they will be signed out on the class roster.
  • K–6th Graders:
    • Will remain in the Worship Center. Please remember your child’s class name and pick them up in the Worship Center. There will be signs above the entry doors that show where each class is seated to aid you in finding your child’s location. Sign out your child on the class roster.

Please let your child’s leader know at drop-off if someone other than you is picking up your child.
We try to honor requests for your child to be with their friends. All our games, crafts and lessons are geared towards specific ages, so if there is a large age gap between children (more than one grade) we would ask that your child stays in their age appropriate group.
Bring your family any time between 5:15–6:15pm for an inexpensive dinner! All items cost just 50¢ each.

  • Available Every Day:
    • Entree: Backpack Bologna Sandwiches
    • Sides: High Flying Fruit, Stop and Eat
 Veggies and Dip, Jello Jigglers, Salato (salty) Chips, Continental Cookies
    • Drinks: Scenic Soda, Worldwide Water, On the Go Juice
Passage Powerade
  • Monday: Walking Tacos served with Compass Corn Bake and Brazilian Brigadeiros (Brownie Bites)
  • Tuesday: Egg Rolls & Cosmos Corn Dogs served with Fast Fried Rice and Pocky Sticks
  • Wednesday: Desert Hot Burgers & Dogs served with Frequent Flyer 
French Fries, Watermelon
 Pyramids, and Zebra Cakes
  • Thursday: Italian Pizza served with Ready, Set, Salad, Global Grapes, German Cream
 Puffs, and French Eclairs
  • Friday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Chicken Nuggets served with All American Mac & Cheese and Tollhouse Chocolate
 Chip Cookies

Yes, we want everyone to come back on Sunday, June 24 at 9 or 10:45am. Taylor Hughes—comedian and magician—will be our special guest.
No, but you are welcome to buy a shirt ($10) and a CD ($5). We also feature a missions project that we will be highlighting throughout the week. Feel free to give a donation for that project.
If your child turns four before the end of VBS, they can attend. Our cutoff date is Sunday, June 24.