Let’s Stay Connected

We’re currently meeting online for worship on Sundays beginning a 9am over on our YouTube channel. This way our church family is able to worship together while we aren’t able to be together in person.

Our worship team, creative team, and pastors have been working behind the scenes this week because we realize that our church is so much more than a building. It’s the people. And on Sunday as we are in our homes all across Hilliard and Columbus, God is able to meet with each and every one of us in a unique way.

Attending Church Online

Beginning Sunday at 9am, join us on YouTube for church at home! To make the most of your church online experience…

  1. Gather the people around you (your family members) get everyone in the same room together.
  2. Get your Bible out, along with the notes (link in the description below the video), and maybe a cup of coffee.
  3. Turn up the volume and sing along… we’re about to worship!

If you could use some help getting the service onto your TV, this CNET article provides several helpful options.


Part of our weekly worship service includes taking time to honor God with our tithes and offerings. Even though there might not be any offering plates this week, we’ve made it easy for our church family to give online.

Here are some simple instructions for how to start giving online, or if you’d rather give by check, you can still continue to mail it to the church. It’s through the giving of our church family that we are able to continue to serve those in our community and around the world.

Children & Students

We want to continue partnering with parents and investing in the next generation as much as possible! We will have content for children and students online.

For kids, Mr. Matt and Mrs. Barb are regularly creating fun and educational videos on our NW Kids YouTube channel. Additional resources for parents can be found on the NW Kids Facebook page.

For students, follow along with devotional videos on our Middle School & High School YouTube channels. Your students can also stay connected by following the MS or HS on Instagram.

There’s hope in this season!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… we are going through unprecedented times. But don’t ever forget that God is still God and He’s still on the throne. And He loves each and every one of us. And while we might be spending more time alone in our homes these days, He has promised He will never leave us. This is the time for our church to lean in and support each other! So send that text, make that phone call, pray together… encourage one another… just do it from the comfort of your living room couch.

We love you, church family!



March 13, 2020

Here at Northwest, we call ourselves a family… and we mean it. And like families should do, we need to look out for one another and care for each other the best way we can. And it’s because of the love we have for our church family during the continuing health crisis that we are going to be doing things differently for the next several weeks.

  • Beginning Sunday, March 15 and continuing through March 29, we will not be meeting together for our scheduled morning worship services.
  • All ministry events and meetings have been canceled through Friday, April 3.

We say it often that Sunday is the highlight of our week… and we say that because we are coming together as a church family. But during these next several weeks, even though we won’t come to the same building, Sunday is still going to be the highlight of our week. Each Sunday at 9am, we want you to join us… you’ll be on your couch and we’ll be on ours. But we’ll all be watching the same message, hearing what God has for each of us through the preaching of His Word. Watch the sermon with the NW Bible App or our sermons page, on your computer, tablet, phone or smart tv and we’ll be doing church together… from home. And if you’ve got kids at home, let them sit in on your home church! Let’s use this as an opportunity to build into their lives how God is working!

It’s going to be unique. But we’re all in this together. And God is still on the throne. Don’t think for a second that He was somehow surprised by this virus. And we have a God who loves people and wants to see them come to know Him. So while we might be tempted to think about the negatives that the pandemic has brought or the way our schedules have been interrupted, let’s choose instead to ask God for ways to shine for Him in this time of uncertainty and share the love and peace that only He can give.

We love you, church family!

The Northwest Team